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FeaturesOur key features


You will always have relevant information at hand and the notes properly sorted. Plotist will manage your notes and create connections between them

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Visualization based on notes

Each visualization tool will be connected to your notes so you can drag and drop your characters or locations into the graphics

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Keeping your notes up-to-date can be messy. Plotist will ensure that your notes are always synchronized, updating references for you

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Easy to use

Instead of bloating our tools with multiple options, we are committed to creating simple, easy to use tools.

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Tag, filter and search

While Plotist provides assistance in organizing notes, it is you who has the overall power to categorize and work with your notes according to your preferences.

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Share your insights, ask for help and promote your works. Plotist is an open space for writers to connect with each other and with their audience.

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Product Information

Plotist is a new online web application for writers. Our goal is to provide a set of tools to help writers create better stories, supporting the writing process from beginning to end. Notes taken using Plotist will always be in the context of the story: related notes will be linked and readily accesible when reviewing or editing.

Plotist main strength are the visualization tools. Using your notes, you will be able to create timelines, networks and other relevant graphical representations that will help you see your story before you write it. In addition to this, Plotist includes a comprehensive set of analytics that will help you keep track of your writing efforts.

And all these features embedded in a community of fellow writers where you will be able to share your notes, comment on other people’s work, promote your stories and ask for advice at any time.

How to get it

Plotist is currently under development and not open to the public yet, but we always need help from writers who want to give it a try and participate in shaping the final application. No matter what your experience is in writing or with web applications, you can help us make Plotist the best web application for writers.

At the bottom of the page you will find a sign up form to get early access to Plotist. When you sign up, please be patient as processing requests and adjusting the system for new users may take some time.

Product license

More information on license and pricing will be available once the tool is publicly released.

ScreenshotsThis is how it looks

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VideosThis is how it looks in action

PricingPlotist is a monthly subscription service. The prices are per month.



For fans and casual writers

  • No time limit
  • Unlimited public stories
  • Unlimited timelines
  • Connect with the community
  • Up to 5 private stories
  • Early access to new features
  • All the Free features



For advanced writers

  • Unlimited private stories
  • Unlimited feature requests*
  • All the Free and Personal features

*The requests will be evaluated and implemented based on their feasibility and viability

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